Need coq tutor

Hello there

I have a unique request. My son is taking fourth year computer science course at university in Vancouver British Columbia canada. Professor has chosen coq language to study for the class. My son finds it difficult. I was wondering where are you located? And if someone with fluent knowledge of the coq language could tutor my son for the next three and half months please. We need tutoring for two hours a week online using zoom or something. If any of you could help us out that would be great. We are flexible about the payment rate.

Thank you

For some reason I cannot send you a private message.

I have experience teaching Coq and would be interested in helping your son, send me a private message or email at pdacost ‘at’ and we can further discuss the details.

Hey Pedro,

I wanted to ask I saw this post you made and wanted to ask are you at all available for general work like code review and free lancing work? I could really use the help.