[Call for Help] Learn Coq in Y minutes

A question for the Coq developers/users - are you interested in promoting Coq further? There is a famous site for newbies, allowing to learn something quickly up to the point to write something useful in it - Learn X in Y minutes. Recently I searched for a quick introduction in Coq, but found none. It would be awesome, if someone knowing it will send a pull request to the corresponding repository, solving this issue.

(Initially posted at OCaml Community forum)


Sounds like a fun way to advertise indeed, I guess one of the French developers/users can do it, but most are on vacation now :slight_smile:

Thanks for advertising this issue. It would be definitely good to be on this site. IMHO this is more of a task for an enthusiast volunteer user to undertake because waiting for a Coq developer to address this is just going to take too long. Among the few Coq developers that care the most about documentation, the current priority is improving the reference manual.

Cf. also this extract of the contributing guide:

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