Sherlocoq: Search released coq source-code

Hello :wave:

First time here (I can usually be found doing things in OCaml). Recently, I’ve been getting my feet wet with writing Coq programs. Quite quickly I found myself missing the excellent Sherlocode we have in OCaml thanks to Arthur Wendling. Thankfully it’s quite OCaml agnostic, and I ported it to Coq and indexed the coq-released opam archive which you can find here:

I would add that this should be seen as a “beta” service, so may be a little unstable and not always online. I’ve already found it pretty useful, I hope others might too :))


Thanks for the tool!

I asked the same following question on Twitter so my apologies for the duplicate, but this is a much better place.

Say I’m looking for projects using the “paco” library for instance: currently it returns 10.5k results that are quite hard to browse. Is there any chance to be able to only display the comparatively very short list of opam repos that returned at least one result?


Hi @Yannick

Right now there’s no way to do this, but I agree something like that would be quite useful. When I find some more spare time I’ll look into how that could be presented. Thanks for the suggestion :))