Branching v8.17 soon

Hello Coq contributors and maintainers,

We are going to create the v8.17 branch in preparation for Coq 8.17 in
the next few days. The tentative schedule can be found here:

We have not followed the usual process of announcing the branching
date a month in advance because the choice of release managers has
been made very late. I will be taking this role for this release, with
Gaëtan Gilbert as co-RM.

If you have PRs in the 8.17+rc1 milestone that won't be ready in the
next few days and should be delayed to the next release, you can
already help by moving them to the 8.18+rc1 milestone.

Conversely, if you have open PRs that are ready / undergoing the
review process and you think should be included in the 8.17 release,
you can tag me to let me know. We may backport a few if they are not
risky after the branch has been created given that it was announced so


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