8.12 release schedule

Dear Coq developers and contributors,

The schedule for the 8.12 release has been updated and is available at

The key point to consider is that we aim to create the 8.12 branch on
May 15th; this means that feature and enhancement pull requests
targeting 8.12 must have been merged into master before that date.

Pull request authors, if you have some pull requests in the 8.12+beta1
milestone, please go over them now and ensure:

- that it has an assignee and that the assignee and reviewers will
have enough time to process it before the branching date;

- or if you think the PR won't be ready in time, please postpone it to
the 8.13+beta1 milestone.

Pull request reviewers: please go over your list of requested reviews,
and focus especially on the PRs that are in the 8.12+beta1 milestone
(and PRs that are ready but haven't been added to a milestone yet).
Make sure that PRs without an assignee do get one.

Pull request assignees: do what you can so that PRs which are ready in
time do get merged.

On the other hand, non-invasive bug fixes, regression fixes,
last-minute adjustments to 8.12 features, user messages improvements
and documentation improvements will be eligible to get backported to
the v8.12 branch (as long as they are in the 8.12+beta1 milestone).

Everyone is welcome to help triaging issues, in particular:

- go over the issues in the 8.12+beta1 milestone and postpone the ones
you know won't be fixed in time for 8.12.

- if you think an issue should really get fixed, make sure it has an
assignee that is still intending to work on them in the short term.

Emilio and Théo, your release managers