Any resources for those studying Software Foundations on their own?

I’ve been trying to learn Coq by studying Software Foundations as an independent learner. Sometimes I’ve run into issues with the exercises where I’m either missing a concept, not understanding the author’s intent or there is a bug in the definition of the exercise.

Does anyone know of any forums for discussing such questions online and/or possibly submitting bug reports on the current version of the text ?

Maybe it’s worth some “Learning Coq” category in this forum! @Zimmi48

The textbook is maintained in a private repo. There is a public repo for Chinese translation, where bug reports are forwarded to authors. Feel free to report issues there (English allowed):

I believe you can find some solutions on GitHub, also you can post questions on stackoverflow, there is nothing new under the sun

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I was of the impression that such questions would already suit the “Using Coq” category, and having both this and a “Learning Coq” category would be redundant. Should we rename “Using Coq” into “Learning / Using Coq”?

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I believe questions about learning Coq are most suited to the “Using Coq” category, and I think we can amend the description (but not the title) of the category, e.g., to the following:

Ask questions about how to use Coq or a specific package, how to learn Coq, and about best practices for developing and maintaining Coq projects.

Since the Software Foundations developers and maintainers don’t have a forum or channels for discussing the book/code, I think the Discourse forum is a reasonable place, but maybe @Zimmi48 can add a special software-foundations tag to make it easier to find/avoid this kind of topics?


Hi, if you aren’t already aware, you may find the videos from the DeepSpec Summer School lectures useful, at least for understanding the author’s intent on some topics. The 2018 videos are available here: