Using the Proof assistant for probability and learning theory? How to get started?


I was wondering whether it would be feasible/useful to formalize ML, optimization and learning theory in order to help with nuanced/tricky derivations. Taking the “proof assistant” literally. I’ve seen some works doing this for specific theorems/statements, but couldn’t find anywere to get started. if I wanted to e.g. prove the convergence of SGD on convex functions, are there standard libraries/trick to help me get started? Apperently real numbers are already formalized, but there are different constructions?

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There is already some work in Coq to formalize various aspects of and results in machine learning:

Also for related systems:

There are indeed several real number constructions, see for example:

See the topic on probability theory for more about that: (Finite, discrete) Probabilities in Coq?