Tag V8.18.0 is set

This is a gentle note for the maintainers of Coq packages out there
that the tag for 8.18.0 is out.

I'll work myself on the opam packaging.


Enrico, the documentation corresponding to that tag has not yet been pushed to that repo: GitHub - coq/doc: Coq user manual, automatically deployed

Is there a gitlab-ci job that needs to be manually triggered somehow?

There was probably a problem with coq-bot, see bump coq version to 8.18.0 by gares · Pull Request #222 · coq/coq.github.io · GitHub
@Zimmi48 is looking into it.

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With some considerable delay, I have finally taken the time to debug and fix this problem. The mirroring of tags is now working and the V8.18.0 has been pushed on GitLab Inria with a pipeline being triggered: Pipeline · coq / coq · GitLab. However, all the jobs in this pipeline have immediately failed, and I think this is a problem with the custom runner, which I’ve reported here: Is building tags supported? (#8) · Issues · inria-ci / custom-runner · GitLab. Let’s see if this is easy to fix. When this is the case, we should retry this pipeline and the documentation for V8.18.0 should finally be built and deployed!

OK, after fixing one more things (no deployment job for tags because tags were not marked as protected on GitLab Inria) we now have the V8.18.0 doc deployed (see e.g., Introduction and Contents — Coq 8.18.0 documentation).

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