Next CUDW 2020/11/30 to 2020/12/04 — Save the Date!

At last, the Coq User and Developer Workshop has been properly scheduled! It will be held remotely between November, 30th and December, 4th. Given the novelty of this endeavour, the precise organization, format, and technology used are yet to be decided.

There is a dedicated Zulip stream to precisely discuss these matters. If you are interested, you are encouraged to join at

Crowdsourcing a CUDW has never been so exciting — contribute today, and you will successfully work around my (utter lack of) organization skills!



Please fill in the timezone poll for the CUDW. It will help decide what are the best time slots.

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Following the poll, we announce that the CUDW schedule will follow the CET timezone working hours, namely 10:00 UTC+1 to 17:00 UTC+1. We will try to accommodate for the few expected people on any North American timezone by scheduling the plenary talks on the CET afternoon.