Coq User and Developer Workshop 2020

This tradition is slowly taking root in our community, but not yet in our agenda. Little is known about the 2020 edition yet, which is why we need your collaboration to make progress on that matter.

The location has not been decided yet, but it will be most likely somewhere not far from Nantes, in a place that is reachable by TGV from Paris. Alternatively, we will propose a shuttle from the Nantes airport to that place, for those of you who prefer taking the plane.

We also need to pinpoint a point in time for the event. This is now your turn to shine, by answering this lovely poll linked below.

The CUDW is scheduled to occur in June, but you can comment on the poll if you think we need to push it before or after. We need your answer to settle for a week where most people would be able to attend. Please also comment about the likelihood of your attendance, so as to get a rough idea of the number of participants.


Following the above poll, the organizers of the Coq User and Developer Workshop 2020 are happy to inform you that

the CUDW’20 will take place from 2020/06/22 to 2020/06/26.

So far, only one coordinate in the 4-dimensional space-time has been
settled, we still have to decide for a precise place. Notwithstanding,
the CUDW will happen somewhere in the area around Nantes on the shores
of the Atlantic ocean.

The wiki will get updated when more relevant information is available.