Creation of a Zulip chatroom

Dear Coq community,

We are happy to announce the opening of a chatroom with which we intend to replace our use of Gitter[*].

Together with, this will become one of the main tools to communicate with each other about Coq and related projects (e.g. coq-community projects, mathematical components, etc). While the Discourse is meant to work as a forum, the Zulip chatroom is meant to work as a chat/IRC, with messages written in a more casual way and a possibly higher traffic, although Zulip offers the way to sort messages by topics and thus being selective about what one wants to follow, cf. We hope that between these two tools we find more opportunities to communicate in the way that each of us is most comfortable with.

[*] If you had a Gitter account and posted at least one message in one of the Coq related channels, there is a high chance that we automatically ported your account, please send a private message to @CohenCyril, on Gitter, with you email address, so do not register on Zulip on your own. EDIT: not relevant anymore

Cyril Cohen and Théo Zimmermann (for the whole Coq team)


theo, could you sent an invite?
thanks in advance,

Hi! Sorry I’ve not updated this post. As of a few weeks ago, we’ve stopped transferring old Gitter accounts. You should now create a fresh account by yourself if you wish to join Zulip, even if you had a Gitter account previously.

For the record, the Zulip chat is now continuously and publicly archived at Zulip Chat Archive.