Coqtop is not running

I’m having a problem with my vscoq plugin, it keeps showing ‘coqtop is not running’. it was fine in the morning but when I used it again in the afternoon I got this error.

How did you install Coq?

I downloaded it from the official website and then used the vscoq plugin from vsCode. Everything was working fine, then suddenly this afternoon there was a problem.

屏幕截图 2023-09-08 195509

Which operating system are you running?

Can you open the VS Code console and run coqidetop.opt -v?
Same for coqc -v?

window 11.
I even ran coqtop.exe directly, but it still reports this error.

There is a setting in VsCoq that allows to set the path to the Coq binaries: coqtop.binPath. Maybe setting this will help you, although if the binaries are already found in the console, I’m unsure this will help. You can also try to ask in if you do not get a solution here.

I have set coqtop.binPath and was perfectly fine before. I will ask on the site you gave.

I solved the problem, thank you very much. From the URL you gave I jumped to here where I found the solution step by step. I found the answer here. It’s simply a matter of prioritizing IPV4 and IPV6