Coq Platform 2023.03.0 release with Coq 8.17.1

Dear Coq community,

As the release manager of Coq 8.17, and on behalf of the Coq development team and the Coq Platform team, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of the Coq Platform 2023.03.0 release.

(This release is named after the month of March 2023, during which the initial Platform release was planned, but because of significant delays due to numerous issues when preparing installers for Windows, macOS, etc., it includes a package pick that has been refreshed in August 2023.)

Release highlights:

- The latest version of Coq has been updated to 8.17.1, which includes many improvements (see the Coq release notes Recent changes — Coq 8.17.1 documentation).

The main supported version is Coq 8.17.1.

Several package picks providing Coq 8.12 to 8.16 are available, including one for Coq 8.16 with a package collection that tries to be as similar as possible to the 8.17.1 pick.

Installers for Coq 8.17 are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux (Snap).

You can also install the Coq Platform using opam-based scripts, which give you access to the main supported version, as well as any of the many compatibility versions.

To learn about the Coq Platform and get access to the installers, please refer to: Release 2023.03.0 with latest pick Coq 8.17.1~2023.08 · coq/platform · GitHub