Coq Platform 2021.09.0

Dear Coq community,

On behalf of the Coq development team, the release managers of
Coq 8.13 and Coq 8.14, and the Coq Platform team, we are happy to
announce the immediate availability of the Coq Platform version

This is the first Coq Platform release which includes several
versions of Coq. Furthermore, the included package set was
significantly extended since the 2021.02.2 release.

The main supported version is:

- Coq 8.13.2 with an extended package collection.

Furthermore, we include two compatibility versions (8.13.2 with
previous package set, 8.12.2) and two preview versions:

- Coq 8.14.0 (with a preliminary (beta) package collection—not
  all packages support Coq 8.14 yet).

- A preview of the (not yet released) interactive GUI Ltac
  debugger for CoqIDE, based on Coq 8.14.0. See documentation at:
  Ltac Debugger Preview · coq/coq Wiki · GitHub

To learn about the Coq Platform and get access to the
installers, please refer to:

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