Contradicting instructions for installation with OPAM

Two sets of instructions for installation with OPAM.
What’s the difference in purpose?

Install Coq with opam | The Coq Proof Assistant (linked from Coq 8.13.0 | The Coq Proof Assistant)



The officially maintained instructions are in the second link (on the official website).
The first link is a wiki page that can be edited by anyone. As a consequence, it may contain more information but isn’t maintained as carefully.

Note that there now exists a new approach to install Coq with opam, by running the interactive platform scripts. See GitHub - coq/platform: Multi platform setup for Coq, Coq libraries and tools. This approach should be more accessible to non-opam users because it asks a few questions then does all the required calls to opam behind the scene. Eventually, the official set of instructions will be amended to recommend this solution to most users (see


I’ve updated the wiki page: Installation of Coq on Linux · coq/coq Wiki · GitHub

The website has also been updated: Install Coq | The Coq Proof Assistant

Let us know if things remain unclear or are not working correctly.