[CI] OS+OPAM Upgrade for Docker images of Coq and MathComp

[This announcement is a copy of the mail cross-posted to coq-club and ssreflect mailing lists]

Dear Coq users and developers,

For your information, the following Docker Hub repositories have been recently updated to use the latest release of Debian stable (Debian 10) and OPAM (2.0.5):


The Docker images gathered there can thus be used to setup Continuous Integration for your projects (e.g., using Travis CI or GitLab CI, see CI-setup), or to do some experiments with a specific version of Coq, e.g.:

$ docker pull coqorg/coq:8.10
$ docker run -it coqorg/coq:8.10

(coqorg/coq:8.10 being currently an alias of coqorg/coq:8.10-beta2)

other examples:

$ docker pull mathcomp/mathcomp:latest-coq-dev
$ docker run --rm -it mathcomp/mathcomp:latest-coq-dev opam list
$ docker pull mathcomp/mathcomp-dev:coq-dev
$ docker run --rm -it mathcomp/mathcomp-dev:coq-dev opam list

Note 1: Guidelines to install Docker on one’s personal workstation are also available in the docker-coq wiki CLI-usage (but it is not necessary to do so for preparing a CI configuration for Travis or GitLab).

Note 2: The detail of the opam switches and packages available in the coqorg/coq images is described in the front page of the wiki, see supported-tags.

Note 3: coqorg/coq:dev and the two other images based upon it that are mentioned above, are rebuilt every night from 00:15 UTC+2. Then, the underlying Coq commit can be seen from the badge “commit” on page hub.docker.com/r/coqorg/coq or from the metadata at URL microbadger.com/images/coqorg/coq:dev or directly by using the “opam show” command after fetching the image:

$ docker pull coqorg/coq:dev
$ docker run --rm -it coqorg/coq:dev opam show -f pin coq
$ docker run --rm -it coqorg/coq:dev opam show -f source-hash coq

No compatibility issue is expected w.r.t. the previous version of the images that used Debian 9, and we recall that you may use following command (mentioned in CI-setup) to install additional Debian packages in containers derived from coqorg/coq:

$ sudo apt-get update -y -q && \
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y -q $package_names

Kind regards.