CfP: Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP)

Abstract Submission Deadline: 12 September 2023 at 23:59 AoE (UTC-12h)
Paper Submission Deadline: 19 September 2023 at 23:59 AoE (UTC-12h)

CPP welcomes submissions in research areas related to formal
certification of programs and proofs. The following is a
non-exhaustive list of topics of interest to CPP:
* certified or certifying programming, compilation, linking, OS
kernels, runtime systems, security monitors, and hardware;
* certified mathematical libraries and mathematical theorems;
* proof assistants (e.g, ACL2, Agda, Coq, Dafny, F*, HOL4, HOL Light,
Idris, Isabelle, Lean, Mizar, Nuprl, PVS, etc);
* new languages and tools for certified programming;
* program analysis, program verification, and program synthesis;
* program logics, type systems, and semantics for certified code;
* logics for certifying concurrent and distributed systems;
* mechanized metatheory, formalized programming language semantics,
and logical frameworks;
* higher-order logics, dependent type theory, proof theory, logical
systems, separation logics, and logics for security;
* verification of correctness and security properties;
* formally verified blockchains and smart contracts;
* certificates for decision procedures, including linear algebra,
polynomial systems, SAT, SMT, and unification in algebras of interest;
* certificates for semi-decision procedures, including equality,
first-order logic, and higher-order unification;
* certificates for program termination;
* formal models of computation;
* mechanized (un)decidability and computational complexity proofs;
* formally certified methods for induction and coinduction;
* integration of interactive and automated provers;
* logical foundations of proof assistants;
* applications of AI and machine learning to formal certification;
* user interfaces for proof assistants and theorem provers;
* teaching mathematics and computer science with proof assistants.