Building a project with coq_makefile, using a library specified in .coqrc

I have two Coq projects with the following structure:



My .coqrc file contains the following command:
Add LoadPath “path/to/A” as A.

After building project A, I can use Proof General to open Bar.v and import definitions from project A (e.g., Require Import A.Foo), which is what I expect because of the contents of .coqrc.

However, when I use coq_makefile to create a Makefile for project B and try to build the project, I get the following output:

*** Warning: in file Bar.v, library A.Foo is required and has not been found in the loadpath!
COQC Bar.v
File “./Bar.v”, line 1, characters 15-20:
Error: Cannot find a physical path bound to logical path matching suffix A.

I can build project B successfully by running coq_makefile as follows:
coq_makefile -Q path/to/A A -f _CoqProject -o Makefile

However, I’d rather provide project A’s loadpath via .coqrc. Is there a way to use coq_makefile such that, when I build the project, coqc reads from the .coqrc file?