Announcing Tactician version 1.0 beta2

After almost three years of development, we are happy to announce Tactician 1.0 beta2. It is available for all Coq versions between v8.12 and v8.18. Tactician is a proof synthesis system that uses data from existing theorems in order to help users write new proofs. It can adapt to, and learn from new developments on the fly. For details, see the website and the list of publications.

Most of the development time in the past three years went to bug fixes, stability improvements, performance improvements, and other internal changes. No detailed changelog was kept, but we believe the usability has improved significantly. There have also been a number of important user-facing changes:

  • The search tactic has been renamed to synth to avoid confusion with Coq’s internal Search command. (The Suggest command remains the same.)

  • Starting from Coq v8.17, the standard library has been split from Coq’s core, resulting in the packages coq-core and coq-stdlib. The coq-tactician package now depends only on coq-core. This allows Tactician to instrument coq-stdlib while it is being installed in order to learn from it, obviating the need for the coq-tactician-stdlib package. (See the manual for
    further instructions.)

  • In the past years, the landscape of available Coq editors has changed significantly. The support for the
    various editors is as follows:

    • Coqide: Fully supported.
    • Emacs with Proof General: Fully supported.
    • Coq-lsp: Partially supported. Tactician can be loaded through From Tactician Require Import Ltac1, but support for injecting Tactician through launching VsCode with tactician exec code is unavailable.
    • VsCoq Legacy: Supported. Support for launching VsCode through tactician exec code is available starting Coq v8.12.
    • VsCoq 2.0: Currently incompatible with Tactician.

    If you encounter any issues with these editors, please open an issue.

  • Tactician is now fully open source under the MIT license. As such, this is an invitation for other researchers to use the data available in Tactician to build their own proof synthesizer. If you have a great idea, don’t hesitate to reach out for a potential collaboration.

Any feedback on this beta release is appreciated. Do not hesitate to open an issue.

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