Abstractions as Combinations in VAR-Calculus

Title: Abstractions as Combinations in VAR-Calculus
Speaker: Barry Jay (Barry.Jay8@gmail.com)
Where: FP-Syd via Zoom:
Signup: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/FP-Syd/events/270155353/

VAR-calculus is a new approach to lambda-abstraction that is simpler and more expressive than traditional approaches. It is simpler because its terms are combinations of three operators: V for variables, A for abstractions and R for replacement (or substitution) whose meaning is completely defined by their evaluation rules. It expresses more control over evaluation since, for example, fixpoint functions can be defined so that they are normal forms. It expresses more useful information since, for example, a function can be tagged with comments or types that can be recovered during evaluation without changing its input-output relation.

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