Volunteer co-maintainer needed for Docker-Coq

The Coq Team and Coq-community are looking for a volunteer co-maintainer of the Docker-Coq project, which provides Docker container images of many versions of Coq as a service to Coq users.

Docker-Coq is an open source project on GitHub under the BSD-3-Clause license. It maintains definitions of a set of Docker images that provide a basic Coq environment for continuous integration and local use. Thanks to the docker-keeper software, images built from Docker-Coq definitions are continuously deployed to the public Docker registry, where users can pull them without worry of rate limitations.

Desirable skills:

  • Familiarity with container software like Docker
  • Familiarity with software continuous integration and build automation, in particular on GitHub and/or GitLab
  • Basic shell scripting
  • Basic Python programming

Maintainer core tasks:

  • Create and deploy new Coq Docker definitions to the Docker registry after Coq (pre-)releases.
  • Monitor the use of Coq Docker images for continuous integration on GitHub/GitLab and rebuild images when necessary.
  • Work with the current Docker-Coq and docker-keeper maintainer to further develop and automate the toolchain.

During their tenure, a maintainer will be considered part of the Coq Team and credited for their work in release notes for Coq releases, for example on Zenodo.

Please respond to this GitHub issue with your motivation, and a short summary of relevant experience, for becoming a Docker-Coq maintainer. The maintainer will be selected from the issue responders by the Coq Team and Coq-community owners.