The V8.12.0 tag has been created

Dear packagers,

This is an early announcement that the V8.12.0 tag has been created
and that it is time to package Coq for the various distributions /
package repositories.

The official announcement of the release should come soon.

Emilio and Théo, your 8.12 release managers

@erikmd I’ve just tagged the tip of v8.12 on the bignums repository as well. Will you take care of creating the opam package for the new release of bignums once the opam package for Coq 8.12.0 exists?

I’m repeating a message from @silene on the Coqdev mailing list here:

As per , I strongly recommend
that package maintainers prevent the Coq binaries from being built with
OCaml >= 4.12. This version of the compiler has not yet been released,
but I think it is better to make the existing Coq packages incompatible
as soon as possible.

Sure @Zimmi48, thanks for the heads-up!

@Zimmi48 coq-bignums.8.12.0 is now available and likewise for the coqorg/coq:8.12.0 image which is now a synonym of coqorg/coq:latest (cf.

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