Should other languages than English be allowed on the Discourse forum?

Thanks @Zimmi48

@ejgallego Don’t forget about editing the title of the Announcements sub-category and its description.

@ejgallego Another minor remark, the first paragraph is what is shown on the main page as the description of categories. For now, it is “Hola a todos”. I don’t know if it was intentional.

I did not understand very well where that announcement post is shown, will edit it.

That’s unfortunate, it was not; I’ll try to tweak it, thanks.

@Zimmi48 I could help with moderating the Russian section (“Coq на русском”).


Great! And @yforster volunteered as well to moderate the German section. I’ve made the both of you moderators and I’ve created the categories. I’ll let you edit the descriptions.

@anton-trunov Can I ask you in addition to try to see if you can create an announcement sub-category by yourself? The button for creating a new category is on the main page. If you manage to, then you can make it a sub-category by selecting a parent category. @ejgallego and @lys did not manage to but I had made them moderators before activating the moderator permission to create categories, so that could be the source of the bug…

It is quite surprising that there’s still not a Japanese language forum here. I had the impression that there is a fairly large Coq user community in Japan. Maybe we should try harder to reach out to the Japanese-speaking Coq user community (for example, people from Proof Cafe will be interested).

That said, I really appreciate the Chinese-speaking Coq user community’s initiative. I have not been in touch with this community, but I definitely should, and this Discourse forum is a great platform to organize regional Coq events/meetups/etc. Thanks to everyone in this thread for proposing this magnificent multi-language idea!

As a translator I’m quite ambitious of interlanguage communication between Chinese and Japanese community, for better translation of Coq-related concepts, among many other benefits.

I also hope to bridge different varieties of Chinese e.g. between Guoyu and Putonghua, in case some Taiwanese users are also interested. (Probably worth a topic in Coq 中文 channel.)

Agreed. I don’t know if there are simplified/traditional transformation 简繁转换 plugins, but I suppose if users need it, there are browser plugins for this. I don’t know how large is the Taiwanese user community, but that’s certainly worth reaching out to.

That said, we do have a lot to learn from the Japanese language Software Foundations translation team :smiley:

@Zimmi48 Hi, I tried adding a new category on the main page, but it does not do anything for me (it seems that I can create a new topic), I tried Safari and Chrome, logging out and logging back in. Nothing works. Could you do create the subcategory please? “Объявления” stands for announcements.

Done. Thanks for trying!

Yes, I am definitely hoping that we’ll get a Japanese-speaking section here, but this initiative may have gone largely unnoticed to the Japanese users of Coq since the Discourse forum has only been advertised on Coq-Club so far, and the multi-language initiative has only been discussed within it.

I think it is time to put prominent links to the Discourse forum on the Coq website now (we have enough content), and to resend an announcement to Coq-Club about the multi-lingual aspect. I also encourage everyone to advertise the forum in every place that could allow reaching more people.

Mostly for my own curiosity, could the title and/or description of the language-specific categories also say, in English, what the language of discussion is? So far I (think I) can guess this, but I think it’d be nice to be able to actually read which languages we have represented here.

@RalfJ What about doing this list in the welcome message? I’m afraid adding this information to the name of the category would only makes things uglier for a not so critical use case…

That’s why I also suggested the description as a possible location, so one would still have a nice list at

Or it could be just the 2-letter code, as in “Coq auf deutsch [de]”, “Coq en français [fr]”.

The two-letter code sounds reasonable. Note that you can also get this information by going over the link with your mouse and checking the target URL.

@yforster Don’t forget to update the text and title of About the Ankündigungen category

@anton-trunov Don’t forget to update the text and title of About the Coq на русском category (in particular, the first paragraph will become the description of the category on the main page) and About the Объявления category.

If no one is against the idea, I’ll add the two-letter language codes to the titles of the categories, as suggested by @RalfJ (i.e. [zh] / [es] / [fr] / [de] / [ru]).

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@Zimmi48 Done. Thank you for creating the new categories.

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Great, thanks!
Did you forget to do that? I cannot see any change on

I did. Thanks for the reminder.

@elkorashy has proposed himself to moderate the Arabic category in case there is interest in adding one (thanks!). Should I go ahead and create one right now, or should we wait that people express interest in having such a category? (Especially given the current lack of activity in the existing language-specific categories, but maybe my Coq-Club e-mail will change this.)