Release of the Coq platform 2021.02.0

Dear Coq community,

  the Coq development team is proud to announce the immediate
availability of the Coq Platform version 2021.02.0

The Coq platform is a distribution of the Coq proof assistant together
with a selection of Coq libraries. It provides a set of scripts to
compile and install OPAM, Coq, Coq libraries and Coq plugins on MacOS,
Windows and many Linux distributions in a reliable way with consistent
results. See [1] for the project homepage, and [2] for the new
instructions for getting Coq.

This release is based on Coq 8.13.1 and provides binary installers
for Windows and Linux. We plan to release 2021.02.1 as soon as the
MacOS installer is ready. The following point releases, starting with
2021.02.2, will focus on including more Coq libraries (and no
breaking change).

Starting with Coq 8.14 we will stop announcing the release of Coq (to
the larger public) and rather announce a major release of the Coq
Platform, likely named 2021.07, which will bundle the new version of
Coq with many useful libraries ready to use. See [3] for more details.

The Coq Platform project would not have been possible without the work
of M. Soegtrop. We take the occasion to welcome the Coq Community to
contribute to this project (as a start by joining the Zulip chat [4]).

Best regards,
The Coq Development Team

[1] GitHub - coq/platform: Multi platform setup for Coq, Coq libraries and tools
[2] Install Coq | The Coq Proof Assistant
[3] ceps/ at master · coq/ceps · GitHub