Recommended resource for developing Coq plugin

I have been working on developing Coq plugins for more than one year.

However, I am still struggling with the architecture of Coq source code and often can not find suitable functions inner Coq to implement my ideas.

The only resource explaining the Coq architecture found by me is, which is developed in 1998 and very old.

Could you suggest some blogs/documents/websites to me?

Try this one:

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In addition, has someone got the slides presented during the last Coq Users and Developers Workshops?

@ZWY: If you’re not already planning to attend, note that the next CUDW is scheduled to be held online pretty soon (see Next CUDW 2020/11/30 to 2020/12/04 — Save the Date!). This is the perfect opportunity for plugin writers to learn what they need by being in close contact with Coq developers during a whole week.

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Thanks your most sincerely! I will attend that time.