Planet Coq, a link aggregator about Coq

There are so many sites to talk about Coq nowadays. You can now find many recent discussion threads in one place at


Oh, my first impression from the name was that it may collect blogs of various people in the community writing about Coq that are much harder to discover otherwise. Is it possible to support that too?

Collecting blogs sure sounds like a good idea!

my first impression from the name

Interesting, I didn’t know that this is actually a name for a thing! (Though I knew about Planet Haskell which fits that description.)

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Yeah, planets used to be quite common in the open source world. The way people used it was to subscribe to the RSS feed of the planet aggregator to get news/updates from the project’s community from a single place. Most planets also allowed the ability for new contributors to add their website/blog feed to the aggregator. Planet Haskell seems exactly that.

With the advent of social media and especially since Google killed its popular RSS reader, they went on a decline over time.

Planet Coq seems like a great initiative. Aggregation of discussion threads (apart from just blogs) sounds like cherry on the cake. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the great initiative! Indeed, the name is pretty similar to what @kartik is describing, which exists also for OCaml ( and I remember @ybertot trying something like this for Coq as well (but I cannot find the link anymore). It would be great if an RSS section for known blogs could be added to this site.


BTW, feel free to open a PR on the Coq website repo to add a link to this website from the community page.

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