Our code of conduct might be incomplete

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been a witness of several
written discussions between regular contributors that created
frustration or led to aggressive comments. I have also been pointed to
several others, which I would otherwise have missed.

These situations are counterproductive because they frequently lead to
at least two contributors feeling discouraged, or even accumulating
grief against others, and they can even discourage an unknown number
of witnesses (including new potential contributors).

Our code of conduct is insufficient or even counterproductive if
it doesn't cover these situations leading to frustration, but only the
aggressive outcomes by frustrated contributors. Currently, our code
of conduct
acknowledges that frustration can occur and it says
that it is no excuse for poor behavior. This is true but it's also
important to act against the cause of frustration when we can.

That's why I'm kindly asking everyone to be aware of these frustrating
situations and to immediately withdraw from the related discussions.
Be aware that they are the ones that can eventually lead to
aggressiveness. Stop the interaction and write to me privately (by
email, Discourse or Zulip) or to some other third party if you feel
more comfortable doing so. I will try to mediate or ask someone else
to do so. But furthermore, I will try to analyze the causes of
frustration to eventually propose amendments to our code of conduct
(and possibly also our contributing guide) to try to prevent them
as often as possible (and to be able to act before frustrating
discussions turn into aggressive ones).

Lastly, I will use this opportunity to remind everyone to be
considerate and respectful in the words you choose (this is already
in our code of conduct) and to avoid language that can feel like
you are putting others (or their work) down.