MetaCoq 1.0 released

We are happy to announce release 1.0 of the MetaCoq project for Coq 8.14, 8.15, and 8.16, available both as sources and as opam packages. See the website for a detailed overview of the project, introductory material and related articles and presentations.

MetaCoq integrates Template-Coq, a reification and denotation plugin for Coq terms and global declarations, a Template monad for metaprogramming (including the ability to extract these metaprograms to OCaml for efficiency), a formalisation of Coq’s calculus PCUIC in Coq, a relatively efficient, correct and complete type checker for PCUIC, and a verified type and proof erasure procedure from PCUIC to untyped lambda calculus. MetaCoq provides a low-level interface to develop certified plugins like translations, compilers or tactics in Coq itself.

You can install MetaCoq directly from sources or by typing opam install coq-metacoq.
This release will also be included in an upcoming Coq Platform.

The current release includes several subpackages, which can be compiled and installed separately if desired:

  • the Template-Coq quoting library (in directory template-coq and as coq-metacoq-template)
  • a formalisation of meta-theoretical properties of PCUIC, the calculus underlying Coq (pcuic / coq-metacoq-pcuic)
  • a total verified type-checker for Coq (safechecker / coq-metacoq-safechecker), usable inside Coq or extracted to OCaml as MetaCoq SafeCheck <term>
  • a verified type and proof erasure function for Coq (erasure / coq-metacoq-erasure), usable inside Coq or extracted to OCaml as MetaCoq Erase <term>
  • a set of example translations from Type Theory to Type Theory (translation/ coq-metacoq-translations).

A good place to start are the files demo.v, safechecker_test.v, erasure_test.v in the test-suite directory.

MetaCoq is developed by Abhishek Anand, Danil Annenkov, Jakob Botsch Nielsen, Simon Boulier, Cyril Cohen, Yannick Forster, Meven Lennon-Bertrand, Kenji Maillard, Gregory Malecha, Matthieu Sozeau, Nicolas Tabareau, and Théo Winterhalter. You are welcome to contribute by opening issues and PRs. A MetaCoq Zulip stream is also available.

The MetaCoq Team