HoTTEST Summer School July+August 2022

We’re delighted to announce the HoTTEST Summer School, part of the
Homotopy Type Theory Electronic Seminar Talks, which will take
place online everywhere in the world during the months of July and
August 2022.

The school will run both synchronously and asynchronously. The lectures
will be delivered live (between 2:30-4pm UTC) and paired with various
tutorial sessions run by teaching assistants. The course will also
feature a discord-based all-hours Q&A and an online archive of all
course materials so that participants can follow along on their own

This school is for everyone and anyone with some familiarity with
abstract mathematics or theoretical computer science and an itching to
learn about homotopy type theory. Our goal is to make homotopy type
theory accessible to, and inclusive of, everyone who is interested,
regardless of cultural background, age, ability, formal education,
ethnicity, gender identity, or expression. We believe HoTT is for
everyone, and are committed to fostering a kind, inclusive environment.

The first part of the course will include parallel introductions to
homotopy type theory and formalization given by Ulrik Buchholtz, Martín
Hötzel Escardó, Dan Licata, Anders Mörtberg, Paige North, Emily Riehl,
and Egbert Rijke. The summer school will then close with a series of
colloquia introducing more advanced topics and exciting areas for
further study delivered by Pierre Cagne, Favonia, Jonas Frey, Jon
Sterling, and Chaitanya Leena Subramaniam. A team of teaching
assistants which includes Elisabeth Bonnevier, Tom de Jong, Jarl G.
Taxerås Flaten, Artem Gureev, Perry Hart, Astra Kolomatskaia, Amélia
Liao, Jacob Neumann, Johannes Schipp von Branitz, and Christopher
Stough-Brown among others, will lead problem sessions and assist
students with exercises.

A central aim of the summer school is to build community among all of
the participants, irrespective of geography. To further this, we will
hold some online social events (e.g. game nights) for the summer school
staff and participants.

More details about the course logistics and the scientific program will
be announced soon on the summer school website:

In the meanwhile, we invite everyone to join us on the summer school
Discord group to hang out and get to know one another:

If you would like to participate in some background surveys that will
shape the design of the curriculum, please register for the Discord by
May 15th, but students are also welcome to join in at any time.

Please also forward to students at your institution.

On behalf of the organizers,
Carlo Angiuli, Dan Christensen, Martín Hötzel Escardó, Chris Kapulkin,
Dan Licata, Emily Riehl, Egbert Rijke