Coq Platform 2022.09.1 release with Coq 8.16.1

Dear Coq community,

On behalf of the Coq development team, the release manager of Coq 8.16, and the Coq Platform team, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Coq Platform 2022.09.1 release.

Release highlights:

- The latest version of Coq has been updated to 8.16.1, which fixes critical soundness bugs with previous versions, and brings other improvements (see the Coq release notes Recent changes — Coq 8.16.1 documentation).

- Many new packages have been added. In particular, Itauto, mathcomp-algebra-tactics and mathcomp-word join the "full" level, and MetaCoq, Bedrock2 and Fiat-crypto join the "extended" level. See Release 2022.09.1 · coq/platform · GitHub for the complete list of additions.

- This is the first Coq Platform release which contains a macOS "M1 / M2 / Apple silicon / ARM" DMG installer.

The main supported version is Coq 8.16.1.

Several compatibility versions with Coq 8.12 to 8.15 are available, including one for Coq 8.15 with a package collection that tries to be as similar as possible to the Coq 8.16.1 pick.

Installers for Coq 8.16 and Coq 8.15 with the newest package collection are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux (Snap).

You can also install the Coq Platform using opam-based scripts, which give you access to the main supported version, as well as any of the many compatibility versions.

To learn about the Coq Platform and get access to the installers, please refer to: Release 2022.09.1 · coq/platform · GitHub

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