Coq Hackaton Winter 2022 edition

Dear all,

We are happy to announce a virtual Coq Hackathon and Working Group on Feb 15th-17th 2022. We were hoping to make this event a hybrid one, but due to the current circumstances it will be online only.

The event is targeted at people who are interested in the implementation of Coq, and would like to learn more about how Coq works and possibly contribute to its development. We hope that the event will be accessible and fun for people at all levels of expertise.

The exact format and program of the event is currently open. We hope that there will be 1-2 talks or tutorials per day, with people self-organizing into working groups at other times.

Some preliminary activities are already written down in the wiki. Please feel free to both propose and request topics. Yes, you can request a talk or hacking session and we will try to find a person
interested in driving it.

See CoqWG 2022 02 · coq/coq Wiki · GitHub for more information and registration instructions.

Kind regards,
The Coq team


Hello, is this workshop open to people of all abilities ie not just people with prior expertise?

I’m a recent beginner but it sounds very interesting.

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Hi @wyn , indeed the workshop is open to people with all levels of expertise!

Tho, I guess at some point we are assuming you either know a bit of Coq or OCaml for some sessions.

What kind of sessions / activities do you think would be most helpful to you? Please don’t hesitate to add them / more feedback here or in the wiki.

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Great, thanks.

I do have some Ocaml/fp experience and have played around with Idris so not totally new to it all but certainly not expert.

I guess I have arrived at Coq through the Tezos end of things ie I am trying to learn enough to get to a point where I could contribute on that front - not sure if there is anything there that people would want to chat about?

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@wyn , I’d dare to say that beyond the scheduled talks, this event is a bit “scratch your own itch” w.r.t. Coq, so let me turn the question “what would you like to chat about”? Are you having any particular pain points you’d like to help provide feedback or even solve?

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Thanks, honestly I’m just happy to dive in with the proposals already suggested and see what I can learn/help with.

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Dear all, a reminder the Hackathon will happen tomorrow, see for more information.