Coq 8.12.0 is out!

Dear Coq users,

We are happy to announce the release of Coq 8.12.0.

Some highlights from this release are:
- a new binder notation for non-maximal implicit arguments;
- an improved Search command which accepts more complex queries;
- many additions to the standard library;
- a restructured reference manual;
- the deprecation of the omega tactic in favor the lia tactic.

Please see the changelog to learn more about this release:

Thanks to the reactivity of Coq users, this version is already
available in many packaging systems. In particular, it is already
available on opam and as a Docker image

You may find the Windows and macOS installers on GitHub:

The 8.12 release managers, Emilio and Théo, and the whole Coq development team