Confusing sentence in Mike Nahas's tutorial

There is

Tarski went further and showed that some propositions cannot even be said to be true or false!!!

in A tutorial by Mike Nahas ( ).
But this sentence is somehow vague and probably is NOT really right, see:
Would the expert Mike Nahas like to improve the tutorial?

I don’t think Mike Nahas has claimed to be an expert, just someone who wanted to help by providing a short introduction to Coq.

As you can see in the postscript part of the tutorial, you may reach the author by e-mail to inform him that this sentence is unclear (very interesting reference by the way!):


HTML and Coq versions of the tutorial are hosted on the author’s professional website. The author, Michael Nahas, can be reached at

And for what is worth, here is a direct link to the sources of this tutorial:

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