Confused about nested inductive coinductive types

Given the following definition of ordinals how would you define a nice induction principle over them?

CoInductive stream A := {
  head: A ;
  tail: stream A ;
Inductive ord := O | S (n: ord) | Sup (s: stream ord).

I couldn’t figure out how to use Fixpoint through coinductive types either, but if you replace stream A with nat -> A it’s possible to define

Fixpoint ord_ind (P : ord -> Prop)
    (HO : P O)
    (HS : forall n, P n -> P (S n))
    (HSup : forall f, (forall i, P (f i)) -> P (Sup f))
  : forall n, P n.

Ah well that was what I was planning on avoiding.

And I don’t think there is way to define an isomorphism between

Inductive ord := O | S (n: ord) | Lim (p: nat -> ord).

And the other representation without extensionality which I was maybe thinking of assuming but it’d be nice not to have to use

Full context for an induction principle which doesn’t quite go through.

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