Call to participate in the WG that will prepare the Coq community survey

Dear all,

We are about to launch a community-wide survey to get input from the
Coq community and learn more about it. The survey will include things
like demographics, questions about pain points, the roadmap and a
possible renaming.

To prepare this survey, we are setting up a working group. We expect
this working group to coordinate on Zulip and to meet every week for
the next few weeks until the survey is ready to share with the
community, then to possibly go on to ensure that the survey is
sufficiently well advertised, and finally to process the results.

Please send ASAP an application to if you'd like to be
considered to be part of this working group. Do not self-censor!
Please tell us why you are interested (e.g., because you have some
availability to help, or because there are specific points that you'd
like the survey to include, etc.) and on which aspects you'd like to
contribute (e.g., if you'd like to contribute to the survey
preparation but not to processing the results, or the converse, or
anything in between).

We expect that the working group will include both interested Coq
community members and researchers with more expertise in surveys /

Matthieu Sozeau and Théo Zimmermann, on behalf of the Coq development team

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