Call for volunteer maintainers of CoqIDE

The Coq core team and Coq-community are looking for volunteer maintainers of the CoqIDE project.

CoqIDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Coq. CoqIDE is implemented using the OCaml programming language and the GTK3 widget toolkit for graphical user interfaces (GUIs). CoqIDE uses a legacy XML-based protocol to communicate with Coq and is licensed under the open source LGPL-2.1 license.

CoqIDE’s source code is currently part of Coq’s GitHub repository. Due to a desire to shift IDE-related work toward LSP and VS Code support, the Coq core team no longer considers CoqIDE maintenance and evolution a priority. With this call, the team wants to give an opportunity to the Coq community to take over CoqIDE maintenance and lead its future evolution.

If maintainers are found, CoqIDE sources will be moved to a repository in the Coq-community organization on GitHub, where it will receive support and fixes from the core team for a limited time. If no maintainers are found, CoqIDE sources will be kept in Coq’s repository and minimally maintained until their eventual removal.

More details about the context and the plans for the future of IDEs for Coq can be found in Coq CEP 68 leading to this call.

Please respond to this GitHub issue with a brief motivation and summary of relevant experience for becoming a CoqIDE maintainer. As part of their application, volunteer maintainers are encouraged to briefly present their short-term and long-term plans for CoqIDE and how long they think they will remain active on CoqIDE maintenance. However, this won’t be considered as a commitment on their part, as plans and priorities can evolve based on the context and personal circumstances. The maintainer(s) will be selected from the issue responders by the Coq core team and Coq-community organization owners. Responders not selected will still be encouraged to contribute to CoqIDE in collaboration with the new maintainer(s) and other contributors.

Anyone else planning to get involved as an active and regular contributor to the CoqIDE project is also welcome to make themselves known in the GitHub issue and to briefly present which improvements and changes they plan to propose.