[Call for participation] The Coq workshop 2020

July 5-6, the Internet.


The Coq Workshop 2020 is part of IJCAR 2020 and the Paris Nord Summer of LoVe 2020.

Registration is free of charge, but required: https://fscd-ijcar-2020.org/register

The Coq workshop 2020 is the 11th Coq Workshop. The Coq Workshop series brings together Coq users, developers, and contributors. While conferences usually provide a venue for traditional research papers, the Coq Workshop focuses on strengthening the Coq community and providing a forum for discussing practical issues, including the future of the Coq software and its associated ecosystem of libraries and tools.

The program will include two panels, an invited talk, 13 accepted talks and a time for discussion with the Coq development team. See the website for details on the program.

The workshop will be organized over Zoom, streamed on YouTube, and use the Coq Zulip chat for questions and discussion.

The Coq Workshop is governed by Coq’s Code of Conduct; the organizers are committed to ensure that the workshop will be a welcoming place for everyone. If you have any concern please contact coq-conduct@inria.fr.

Diversity chat

The workshop organizers acknowledge the diversity concerns in the Coq community. We have created a dedicated topic in our Zulip chat to discuss and propose diversity actions for the event, future events and more generally for the community. If you are part of a minority and feel concerned by this topic, feel free to join the discussion even if you do not participate in the rest of the Coq workshop.