Announcing Tactician 1.0 beta1

I’d like to announce the first beta release of Tactician, a tactic machine learning plugin for Coq. I have copied the release notes below:

We would like to announce Tactician 1.0 beta1, the first official release of Tactician.
Tactician is a tactic learner and prover for the Coq Proof Assistant. The system will help users make tactical proof decisions while they retain control over the general proof strategy. To this end, Tactician will learn from previously written tactic scripts, and either gives the user suggestions about the next tactic to be executed or altogether takes over the burden of proof synthesis. Tactician’s goal is to provide the user with a seamless, interactive, and intuitive experience together with strong, adaptive proof automation.

Even though a lot still remains to be done, with this version we believe that the system is mature enough to be used in real developments. We would like to solicit any feedback on the system you might have. Feel free to open issues in the issue tracker.

Tactician is available for Coq v8.11, v8.12, v8.13 and master and on Linux, macOS and Windows. Installation instructions can be found in the manual. An online demo can be found here. Tactician has first-class support for Opam, and can automatically learn from almost any Coq package. For the exceptions, special support can be added. Currently, special support exists for the HoTT homotopy type theory library. If Tactician cannot instrument your favorite package and you would like to see support, please open an issue.

This release contains too many features and improvements to list exhaustively. We invite you to explore the system on your own and find them yourself. However, a sneak-peak of significant improvements are tactic discharging for sections and local parameter prediction.

Future direction

This release of Tactician is aimed at providing Coq users with an easy to use system that can be used in real Coq developments. The next step in our grand plan is to transform Tactician into a machine learning platform, where AI-researchers can add agents to Tactician (a plugin for a plugin) using an easy-to-use API. The goal of this API is to take away the hard Coq engineering problems and only leave the hard machine learning problems.

This API is still under heavy development. We are therefore not yet inviting the wider AI-community to work with Tactician. However, we are looking for collaborators/beta-testers. So if you have a good machine learning idea that you would like to implement on top of Tactician, please get in touch.

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