Announcing Coq 8.12 support for Codewars

The Codewars community is excited to announce the immediate availability of Coq 8.12 for all approved Kata (code challenges) and all but 2 Beta Kata as of 08/10/2020. Here at Codewars, we believe that practice makes perfect and in order to ensure the continued quality of our platform as an invaluable training resource for those wishing to learn Coq and/or further refine their Coq-fu, it is necessary to support the latest version of Coq.

At the time of writing, there are 86 Kata of varying difficulty to choose from, with topics including but not limited to: extensions of material found in Software Foundations, logic, discrete mathematics, verification and extraction of efficient algorithms and even hardware verification. With your help, we can further expand our library of available Kata and support an ever more diverse range of Coq challenges.

Happy sparring, and don’t forget to cast your votes on Kata you have completed along the way :martial_arts_uniform:


Update 14/10/2020: The two remaining Beta challenges are now compatible with Coq 8.12.